We help families deal with the waking nightmare that is wrongful death.  There are eleven statutes in The Florida Wrongful Death Act.  These statues are the law on who shall sue for wrongful death and what money damages can be recovered by the survivor(s) of a person who has died a wrongful death.  

It is your right as a survivor to make wrongful death claim.
It is your duty as a citizen to make a wrongful death claim.
Wrongful death claims make those responsible pay for what they did wrong.
It is a way to make our world a safer place, so that this horrible thing does not happen to others.  It is an act of care for the lost family member.

The statutes state how long you have to start the lawsuit (generally two years).  It does not need be complete within two years, just filed at the courthouse within two years. Generally people see a lawyer about 6 months after the death occurred. Your initial contact with the lawyer is usually just a phone call or an email. It is a very hard thing to do, so we don’t ask for more than you can handle. After we just learn your name, the name of your lost family member, and about when it happened, that is enough and we can get more information when you are able to talk more. Later, we will have a chance to learn what was special about your loved one, so that we can present it to a court to have the right thing done. We thank you for entrusting us with this very important duty. If you do not contact us, please contact some lawyer.

You do not need to know the legal aspects of a wrongful death case to proceed, but these are the statutes dealing with them.